Buzz HuHu

About Character

Name: Buzz HuHu.

Lives: With his family in the roots of a giant Kauri tree.

Age: 8 years.

Role: Son of Woody and Dolly,Brother of Poppy and Snobbly,Grandson of Grandpa and Grandma Huhu.

Personality: Buzz loves being at the centre of the action. He’s never without his distinctive baseball cap, turned backwards (except for the time it got stolen by a magpie). He loves riding his skateboard, climbing trees, and anything physical. Buzz also likes helping out in his dadís workshop. Buzz shares a bedroom with his sister, Poppy, who finds him very untidy. He’s brave, kind, cheerful, bubbly and always positive and has a good sense of humour, especially if the joke is on Poppy. Buzz has a vivid imagination and is likely to find the solution to solve a current problem with input from Poppy and their friends.