Poppy Huhu

About Character

Name: Poppy HuHu.

Lives: With her family in the roots of a giant Kauri tree.

Age: 7 years.

Role: Daughter of Woody and Dolly, Sister of Buzz and Snobbly,Granddaughter of Grandpa and Grandma Huhu.

Personality: A year younger than Buzz, Poppy is also more serious than her big brother and wishes heíd be tidier around their shared bedroom.She loves to play the flute and is getting better, but still needs more practice. Poppy and Buzz are almost inseparable and work well together as a team.Poppy sometimes overreacts to situations, but never for long. She’s kind hearted and brave and willing to accept any challenge that comes their way. She’s not always amused when she’s the butt of a Buzz joke, but still has a good sense of humour and an infectious giggle to go with it.