Wiley Weta

About Character

Name: Wiley Weta.

Lives: With the other Thug Bugs in Callous Cave at the southern tip of the big island.

Age: Adult.

Role: Leader of the Thug Bugs.

Personality: Like all the Thug Bugs, Wiley is really a bit of a coward at heart. He’s scared of water and heights. All the gang, except Maneeta, call him ‘Boss’. Wiley thinks of himself and his gang as mean and sneaky but they usually finish up just looking stupid when his half-baked schemes are thwarted by Buzz and Poppy. Wiley is incredibly lazy. He wonít lift a finger to help the others, but still claims he does all the hard work. Wiley, Slick and Maneeta form the core of the Thug Bugs gang.

Seen Wearing: Bandit attire with blue handkerchief hat.